Billboard Awards 2015

So tonight I was excited to watch the billboard awards! Faith Hill was performing, Meghan Trainor, Taylor’s new video, all good stuff!

Not sure if I’ve been in the south too long and have gotten a little conservative.. But it started of a little trashy to me. First things the hosts did was take shots.. Then as I’m wondering who the big boobed girl in the red dress is she yells out she bangs a musician and points at john legend. At least that cleared things up for me.

I was excited to get to hear Meghan Trainor and John Legend sing their single together, it was beautiful. And I enjoyed to see real talent, Meghan in a pretty dress and not some duct tape here and there covering up her privates, like mom of the year Britney Spears.

It was surprising to me that Imagine dragons did the tribute song to BB King, and they did a wonderful job!

I was also very impressed with Tori Kelli (that’s her name right) this kinda stuff makes me feel like such an old fart. I’m 25 and I don’t even know the names of the up and comings any more. Anyway the big haired girl with the guitar! She sounded amazing, I was trying to find something wrong with her in my jealousy of course but she sounded great! ;)

I was super excited to see Faith Hill perform with little big town. Karen sounded good singing girl crush I thought they’d represented country music very well. I hate to be commenting on appearance like a 12 year old high school bully, but dang it why did faith cut her hair!? I loved her hair!

I used Chris Browns performance as a bathroom break. I don’t understand how people still buy his music.  Did we forget about this?

Chris Brown can be forgiven for beating a woman, but we get all crazy whenever a football player may or may not have something to do with deflating a football? pretty backwards if you ask me.. but what do I know right?

And then watching Nicki Minage in her striptease outfit, lipsincing and grabbing her crotch like she’s got a bad case of crabs makes me sick. But what do I care, I love that song! It just  makes me even more sure that I’m not having any kids. I can’t imagine trying to raise a daughter and having to protect her from that craziness.  I can just sit back and enjoy the madness of media.


Of course all this is coming from a bitter musician who wants to be on that stage too.. I’m just over here like

But man, how great mustTaylor Swift feel for taking home a bunch of awards and then the biggest of the night! First she took over country music, and now she’s taken over Pop too!

I very much enjoyed that Kanye west had to perform after she won the biggest award of the night and he won nothing! Plus I couldn’t see or hear his performance.. Could you?

Sooner or later, we all quote our mother

It’s Mother’s Day! And just like the last 5 years, I’m not with my mom to celebrate. I don’t get to give her a big hug and make her breakfast in bed like she deserves. I selfishly chose to start my adult life 6000 miles away. 

My mom raised me and my sister good. Of course we didn’t always listen and take her advise, if I did I would be a doctor right now and not some broke musician ;) 

Me and my mom always had a special bond. I never got to that age where I was embarressed of giving my mom a hug in front of other kids or any of those stupid things kids get embarressed off. I never had many fights with my mom as a teenager, she was always the one I could turn to. When Anything fun or dramatic would happen at school, I would ride my bike home as fast as I could to tell my mom about it. 

When me and my sister were in elementary she and my dad wanted her to stay home so that we’d never be alone or be “key kids.” As they call it in holland. That means that at a young age you have the key to your house and you’re just home alone until your parents get home from work. We were lucky that my dad made enough money by himself that my parents were able to work things out that way, since nowadays for many families that’s impossible. 

Every morning my mom would wake us up and then fix us breakfast. Once we got downstairs, breakfast was on the table and while we ate she would do our hair. Coming back on break she’d be ready for us with lunch fixed and happy to see us. After lunch she’d get us to to do a little bit of school work. I don’t know what we would have done without her there. Dad would’ve made us tomato sandwiches daily haha! (That’s his specialty) 

When my mom and dad had a rough patch in their marriage, she could’ve easily given up, and left. She would’ve had the world on her side and nobody would blame her. But she chose the harder route. My parents worked out their issues. My mom is loyal, and when my parents got married they made a commitment to each other for life. My mom has taught me so much about forgiveness and to look at the most important things in life. While I had posters of movie stars in my room, I should’ve just looked at my mom, she is the only role model I needed.

When you’re a kid you don’t realize how good, or bad you have it. You think everyone lives the exact same way as you do. Now as an adult I realize I had it extremely good growing up.  I have the BEST parents ❤️

My mom was our everything growing up, our teacher, our coach, our alarm clock, our detective, our caretaker and our best friend. Thank you mom, for having made me the person I’m proud to be today.