Haven’t written a blog in over a year!! What!!? Just a quick catch up: last year me and Charlie moved to his hometown in Alabama. I thought I had lived in the south living in Texas.. But this is a whole different kinda south! And I absolutely love every little bit of it. We live in a small town right now close to Charlie’s parents. Charlie’s mom has taught me some amazing southern cooking. So you’re probably expecting I’ve gained about 50 pounds?? Running these crazy hills down here helps even things out ;) my favorite is breakfast!! Biscuits and gravy, grits with butter, bacon and eggs!! YUM!

On the music side of things, me and Charlie have started a duet called “BamaDam.” We’ve recorded in Nashville at sweetsongnashville studios. It was an amazing experience that no one can ever take away. I’ve learned so much with the help of great people.


Right now I’m doing a tour with my friend Natalie. We met at Western Texas College in Snyder, where we both worked in the bookstore. She has set up her own children’s show called “the Sockrockerz”

So far we’ve traveled through Virginia, Washington D.C, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and are now in New York close to the Canadian border.


The shows are in small town libraries. The kids that show up are always so excited! The love getting to dance and jump around, and it’s great for the parents too, cause after the show, the kids have no energy left haha

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I’ll be back! (To visit)

Sup y’all!!

Just wanted to share about my shows this last weekend. Both were so fun!! I played at Corky’s in Odessa on friday. There was such an awesome crowd. I really had a great time playing. Since I’m gonna be moving I’d been working on some new songs that seemed to be appreciated. AND! I was on the Marque! So cool :D



The next day, Saturday  I had a gig in Snyder, TX. Everyone I knew there came out, and it felt like old times. We used to all Jam at the belle and me and Zane Green and Eric Deleon would open for the bands. It feels so good to see how we’re all still fighting for our dream. This time in Snyder I played at an awesome little bar called the Buffalo room. I was a little nervous in the beginning, cause I wanted all my friends there to just absolutely love the show. It meant a lot to me that everyone showed up.

Now it’s time to pack up! Only a few more days and we’ll be moving.  I’m so excited for this new beginning. Of course I will make trips back to see my Texas family :)



Oh yeah and don’t forget to get my album on iTunes!!!

Much Love,


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First Single Out!!



It took a while but finally I sent my first single “Only 21″ out to radio stations. I made a special little package :) here’s one that JB from 99.7 in Abilene posted a picture of on twitter yesterday

photo (1)


I got many more to send out, just need to know the radio stations where y’all would like to hear my music on :) So far I’ve sent it to:

95.7 Big Spring
KSUZ Snyder
91.1 Snyder
103.1 San Angelo
96.1 Odessa
99.1 Midland
105.5 Stillwater, ok
99.7 Abilene
107.1 Amarillo
KWBY Stephenville
95.9 Ft Worth area
105.7 Beeville Badlands
105.3 Lubbock
and a couple more :)

It’s also in http://www.bigstar97.com where you can request it!!! It was the coolest feeling when I heard it on there a few days ago.



I got another cool announcement but I gotta keep that quiet for a little while ;) Wish I could tell everybody already.. but anyways

here is the link to my very first single “Only 21

Much Love,

Sam <3

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3 weeks until the move!!

bffOnly 3 weeks left, until I’m leaving Texas! Me and my boyfriend will be moving to his hometown in Alabama. Texas has been good to me, but I’m excited for a change. There are so many people I’m gonna miss, but I guess y’all will just need to come visit me ;)

Good thing there will be many people there that I know, like my long lost friend Angel!! Also I’ll be close to the very talented Tawny and Natalie!! And of course my boyfriend’s sweet family :)

This weekend I started saying my first goodbye’s to my best friends ever!! Steph and Lauren. They were the first friends I got when I moved to this country, and we’re still so close. Friendships like those need to be cherished! We were talking this weekend how it’s crazy that we are all 3 so completely different. Running is pretty much the only thing we all have in common, but I think that makes our friendship even stronger. We can not see each other for months, and then when we get together it feels like we just saw each other the day before. I’m gonna miss you girls!!  <3


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Hey guys! Here’s some pictures from the valentines day show at Rockin’ Rodeo in Midland

6544_10151740690525744_333558933_n 58833_10151740690875744_1005364106_n 548835_10151740690335744_688801374_n 560235_10151740689505744_366927799_n


These pics were taken by Shelly Rawson

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Last week was pretty exciting!! I played my very first full band show!!

Brian Milson let me borrow his band to open for him at “Rockin’ Rodeo,” a big club in Midland, TX. I was pretty nervous but it ended up going great!!

here are 2 clips from the show. I wanted to get the whole show on video, but didn’t have enough space on my phone :(

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Hi Everyone,

It took quite some time, but finally! my album is on Itunes, Spotify, Rhapsody digitally! You can also buy the real thing when you click on
this button if you order from the USA

this button if you order from outside of the USA

I appreciate everyone’s support over the last year! Y’all have made sure I get to stay in this country, and also supported my music. Y’all are helping me achieve my dreams and I am forever thankful to you! I hope y’all will enjoy my Album, cause a lot of hard work has gone into the making of it.

I’d like to give a special thank you to John from KTTK studios in Big Spring, TX. He did an awesome job on putting everything together. Also to my cousin Michiel Stomphorst with Ideaalcommunicatie, who did the AWESOME artwork for the Album. Also Nathan Garcia, who played drums like a boss! And of course my favorite person in the world, Charles Crawford who was there for me every step of the way in the making of this album, from playing guitar and fiddle, to back ground vocals. I sure am a lucky girl :)

back jpg

Cd release party will be this Valentines day!! Which is coming thursday!! I hope you’re able to make it out. I’m gonna be opening for the Brian Milson band. Brian is letting me borrow his band to open :) It’ll be my first full band show ever!! so excited! and I’m on the poster too!


Thank again y’all!

Much love,


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Back to Holland after 2 years


After 2 years, I finally went back to Holland to pay a visit to my family :) I had such a good time! I had missed everyone so much, and it felt great to see them again. I was there for 2 weeks, so we got to celebrate both christmas and newyears together.

12286_10151577889130744_2035620234_nWhen I arrived in Holland I saw Doutzen Kroes! The Dutch Victoria Secret model!! I wasn’t gonna take a picture at first.. I mean.. I had been traveling for 18 hours.. Not the best time to take a picture with one of the prettiest women in the world haha :) But I figured no one would believe me if I didn’t.

The first day I was there, we went to my aunts birthday. I finally got to see my cousins again and my grandparents!!



Since I’ve lived in west Texas for the past 3 years, it had been a while since I had seen some rain. The day after I got there it was drizzling so I went out for a run.538612_10151623530400744_1589534740_n it felt so good to run in the clean air and to see green grass. I realized that I really had moved from one extreme to another. I kinda wanted to stay in shape for the time I was there so I did a couple of short runs. My parents even ran with me a couple times, that was a lot of fun.

The first time, my mom didn’t wanna go, so just me and my dad went running. Our plan was to go run 4 miles. My dad said that was no problem, even though he never runs haha. After about half a mile I saw my dad was getting pretty dang tired. So I pointed at an overpass and asked if he just wanted to run to that and then head back. He seemed pretty excited about that haha. We ended up still running 2 miles, which I thought was pretty good for my dad, since he never runs :)

after a few days we finally talked my mom into coming with us too. She didn’t want to, because she hadn’t ran in a few weeks. But she did so good too! we made this a little holiday tradition this year, since we went running every other day.

The first Saturday I was there, my sister, me and my cousins went out in Amsterdam. It was soooo much fun. We took the bus and walked to the club, I forgot that in Holland the sidewalks are all the little bricks.. I was smart enough to put on stilettos, so my shoes kept on getting stuck in there! It also rained, so our hair didn’t look the way it was supposed to when we got to the club. We danced all night to all kinds of music, they played a lot of old songs, dutch songs and also some american songs. I was surprised how many songs I didn’t know, since I hadn’t been there for so long. Going out in Texas, I always know the lyrics to pretty much every song haha. I had never been out with my sister before, and had no clue she was so freakin fun! She didn’t care what anybody thought and just danced her own way.


One of my cousins, Sabina and her boyfriend Stephan, Came up with a theme for the Christmas party we were gonna have at our house. They proposed that everyone would come dressed in something glitter, even the guys. They ordered us a buffett, so my mom wouldn’t have to cook. They also made a game where we were divided into 4 teams and had to compete with each other. We had to guess songs and spell dutch words correctly, that kinda stuff.. we got pretty competitive haha.

217994_10151623509735744_757459278_n 537270_10151623511945744_568887476_nOn 2nd christmas day (yes we have that in Holland) we went to my dad’s side of the family. We always have a real fancy meal with lots of wine. Its always so much fun. It’s a tradition in our family to do this every year on 2nd christmas day. So far I had only missed one.

On new years, me and my parents went to my aunt and uncles house. All night we sang songs and laughed, it was a blast. my uncle plays guitar so of course we played some songs together


I’m glad that I got to spend a lot of time with my parents and my sister. Like my mom said, It felt like our family was complete again. It was very sad to leave, but my life is here in the states.. I just wish the plane tickets were cheaper so I could fly back n forth more often.

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