For the last few years.. I’ve been living in the USA. Ever since I was a little girl I had this dream of moving to the country “of opportunity.”

I would dream about living in an apartment in new York with roommates like the show “friends.” I had it all planned out, I would finish school and pack up my bags and move.

This turned out to be a little harder than planned… There was all kinds of paperwork I needed to fill out.. When I turned 16 I started preparing to leave since I was almost finished with school. I found out the easiest way to get in was to be an exchange student.. So I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do an extra year in an American high school, even though I had already graduated. After a year of planning I took off and left my family crying at the airport. I was sad to leave them, but excited to start my journey.

When I arrived with my guitar and 1 tiny suitcase I went looking for my host family. I saw a cute little boy with sponge bob teeth holding a sign with my name on it, his  father standing next to him and his mother and his other side looking quite nervous. Yes, this was my host family.

I walked over to shake their hand but instead they pulled me close and gave me a real American hug. It was strange to me, since where I come from we kiss people 3 times on the cheek and shake their hand.

On the way home the little boy ( my so called host brother) was asking me a lot of questions. So many I hardly had time to answer. He was a funny little boy. I wasn’t sure how to deal with him since I have a sister and mostly female cousins.

They took me out to eat and we got to know each other over dinner. They asked me why I was dressed the way I was. I was wearing my dads “too big for me” cut off shorts, a tank top and my leather jacket. With that my extremely long blond frizzy hair. And not to forget my beloved cowboy boots. I wasn’t sure how to answer so I just replied; “it’s comfortable.”

When we got to their home there where 3 dogs running through the house. They were a little scared of me first but later got used to me. There was one dog who wasn’t really the brightest, and the family picked on the dog and didn’t give him as much attention as the other 2. Loving underdogs this dog would become my little friend, she would sleep on my bed most nights.

Around 8 both parents went to bed. They had to get up early for their jobs, so me and my host brother could watch some tv.

Laying in bed that night, I thought this would be a fun year with so many new experiences. I couldn’t wait to tell my parents.

The next day my host brother woke me up around 7, which I didn’t appreciate,  Not having any brothers or sisters, I figured he was excited having someone in the house. We built forts and shot nerf guns. So fun!

Since it was still summer, the family took me with them on their family vacation. We went to Florida. I was so excited to go. They could get their flights for free since they both were working at the airlines. But they chose to drive 10 hours to get there. I thought this was very strange, but was excited to see more of this great country.

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