After a 14 hr drive I was ready to get this week started. Our first event was a party from “big machine records.” we had to wait for the bus to come pick us up, so we decided to have some drinks at the bar. I was sitting next to Suzi and all of the sudden a guy comes walking up to her and gives her a big ole hug. She introduces me and says;”Sam, this is Josh Abbott” I was about to fall out of my chair. I’d been singing along to his songs in my car, but had no clue what he looked like.

Then we went to the bm party. I was looking outside and saw “steel magnolia” I screamed out to Suzi that they were standing there. At that moment the bus stopped.. No way.. We were going to the same party that they were going to? We met them, but I didn’t say anything cause I was in shock lol. After some beers I settled down a bit. The concert started, I dragged Suzi all the way to the front, I swear I could reach out and touch the artists, which I wasn’t gonna do of course.. No way I’m being thrown out of here. The concert started with the Eli young band, and Justin Moore performed also. The last one to perform was Martina mcbride, who left me and Suzi with tears in our eyes. 2 years earlier I was sitting in my room in holland, so far away listening to her and now I was standing so close to her. I looked up to her and knew this is what I wanna do!

The next day we went to the Ryman auditorium and watched sooo so many artists perform. The night ended with an amazing performance by Montgomery gentry.

The next day was the day I had been waiting for.. We were gonna see Blake Shelton! And who knew maybe Miranda lambert was with him!! Me and Suzi were standing up listening, they were doing a deal where they just played covers.. I kinda wanted to hear his own stuff. We stood there with some girls from the college in Nashville. When Suzi went to get us some drinks I saw my change.. I was soo close! I figured if I screamed loud enough he could hear me.. And of I’d make a fool out of myself, no one would ever know. After the last note of the song he was playing I yelled..”Blake!! Can you sing the more I drink!!!?” and yes.. Everyone turned their heads and looked at me, immediately I regretted yelling ad turned red.. At least.. I think I did… And Blake Shelton walked off the stage.. I felt like such a dumbass. The next thing I know he walks back on stage and starts playing that song!! Holy crap!! The girls turned to me and said “omg he heard you.” this was so cool to me. Unfortunately Suzi wasn’t there to witness it lol.

The next day we went to a show called “new faces.” For which I did not have a ticket. I went and got one last minute and heard it was a dinner. Suzi and Robert did have their tickets already so they went to their table way in the front. My table was way way in the back. No way I was just gonna sit there with these snobby people and miss out on the concert. I walked all the way to the front and sat on the floor with the photographers.. I was asked to leave so I just started taking pictures and they left me alone.

You must think now that I am retarted, but I could care less, as a big country music fan I had an amazing week 🙂

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