I wanna stay in tx

Soo, I was there for more than a year made a bunch of friends and got into sports. Yes, I was an athlete now, wearing shorts and running shoes wherever I went, I felt like a true American 🙂 people even told me I no longer had an accent, in which I took much pride.

I loved living in the us. I didn’t wanna go back to holland. When I told my parents they were not very pleased. They tried to make a deal with me, if I’d go to school in holland they would pay for everything. But if I moved to the states I’d have to pay for everything.

I met with the school I chose and the cross country coach promised to help me out. I had to move back to holland for 1 year to get the college money together and train for cross country to get fast enough for some sort of scholarship.

In my year in holland all I did was work. I was fortunate to have get my job back at “four tops” a local restaurant. I also worked paper routes, at McDonald’s and many little jobs in between. I  ran twice a day, in the morning at 7 after my paper route, and then at 11 at night after my other jobs. Of course I got hurt cause it was just too much. I told my coach and because of my effort he still got me a scholarship to help pay for school. I managed to save enough money to fly to Texas and go to school for 1 year. Once I got to back it was great to see my friends again. I stayed with my host family for part of that summer.

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