Too much

When I got to western Texas college I got a job at the bookstore, which was The most useless job ever! I never had to do anything so me an my co worker just hung out in the back and listened to the local radio station. On there they played Texas country. My co worker told me that Texas has their own country music scene, which I thought was pretty cool.

Very busy with work, school and 3 practices a day for cross country I still wanted to play music somewhere. I auditioned to open for bands at the belle opry house, the local dance hall for Texas country. I was so excited!! After the first time I played there and people were so excited about my music I wanted to play more.

I got gigs all over Texas opening for other bands and some shows for myself. My coach was wondering why I wasn’t improving in my running and had a talk with me. He said I was gonna have to make a decision. I didn’t yet and hoped with my hard work my running would improve even though I was exhausted.

But with my lack of talent for sports, of course this didn’t work. I didn’t know what to do, since I needed cross country to stay in school. Over the summer I got 2 jobs and lived with my best friend angel in an apartment our coach got. The whole summer we both worked and trained together.

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