Visa Crap

Visa Crap

Sooo… only about 5 more months until my visa runs out! right now I’m aplpying for a new visa that I can stretch out for a few years. I’ve called a few lawyers and apparantly if you don’t have a bachelors degree and you’re from a rich western country with no family ties to the US, you’re F-ed.. so last week I signed up to get my bachelors.. that’s right! back to school! In a week I’ve already finished 2 classes with all A’s and B’s YAY! so 4 more to go to finish this semester. When I get my bachelors I can appy for a greencard, which will take about 2 years to get it.. If only Obama would be as generous towards me like he is to the criminals that come here illegally and get rewarded for it. In the mean time I’m out thousands just to be ABLE to work here… anyway enough of that..

I’m also recording my first EP august the 4th!! I’m so excited!!

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