You can’t get anywhere without having a dream to get somewhere

When I was little I always told myself I would move to the USA as an adult. I dreamed about it every night and let nothing distract me.

I believe that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything you want.

To me this country is still the land of opportunity. And even though I’ve had some struggles, I’m not giving up. If every goal you have would be easy to achieve it wouldn’t have any value.

No one else is able to tell you you can’t do something, they’re only people too… Just like you.

Maybe life is just like a marathon.. You can give up when it starts to hurt, or you can push through the pain and get to the finish with the best feeling in the world…

I think in order to get anywhere in life you need to have goals for yourself, a reason to wake up everyday. even though YOUR goals might not mean anything to anyone else they mean something to you and that’s what matters.

These are a few of mine 😊


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