Dutch Fast Food

Many people ask me what kind of food we eat in the Netherlands. I never really thought we ate any stange foods, but after I told people about some of the stuff we eat, they made some faces..

When I first came here, and when me and my family used to come here for vacation, we’d be full after eating the appitizer salad. Our portions are WAAAYY smaller than the ones here.

A normal breakfast in Holland is usually just a few pieces of bread with either choclate sprinkles, cheese or jam.

for lunch, most people eat a sandwich. Most Dutch people don’t eat warm food for lunch.

Dinner in holland is a meal that most families eat together. For my family it was always my favorite dinner. We would all sit together and go through our day. Here it sometimes feels that dinner is a bit rushed. I learned though that in the south, people treat meals more like we do and eat them with their families. When I lived with my host family, every meal we ate was in front of the TV and no one said a word. I liked how we did it in Holland, when it was time for dinner the TV was either muted or off. Dinner is family time.
We usually eat meat, veggies and potatoes.

A typical Dutch meal is when all the foods are just thrown together and mashed. The meal in the picture below is called “Boerenkool,” It’s potatoes, sausage and vegetables, with gravy in the middle.

For snacks we usually eat little cookies or something, or if you go to the market, sometimes we’d pick up “haring” which is fish

Many people also ask me if we have fast food in Holland, and we do, but as many as there are in the US. We have Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Subway. We do have our own fast food chains though. You can go anywhere in Holland and order you some fries with mayo on it.. which looks like this

Besides the fries with mayo, you can order the “patat speciaal” which is the pic above. If you feel like having some meat with you fries you can get it yourself from “the wall” That’s right.. from the wall, literally. All you do is put in a euro or 2 and get out your burger, kroket or frikadel.                                        

frikadel^                                                                      kroket^

I couldn’t tell you what the contents are of these fried treats.. but I’m sure neither you or me would want to know.. I think one of the ingredients of the frikadel are cowbrains.. so I don’t want to know what the rest are.

Think I’ll go get me some Whataburger now 😉

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