Hi Everyone!!!

Or I mean Howdy y’all 😉

I’m soo excited! I finished recording my very first EP!! Just did the photo shoot last weekend. I’d never done a photo shoot before so i was pretty nervous. Thank god my friend Shelly is a photographer so I didn’t feel uncomfortable. I’m not very good at doing make-up and all that stuff so I was trying to find a make up artist to do my make up for that day. I found a few around here and they charged 65 bucks! that’s just insane! so instead I got up early the day of the photo shoot and went to Dillard’s  where they did everything for free. I felt kinda bad for not buying anything, so I decided to get a lipstick.. hehe.

It was so cool, how they can cover every blemish on your face 🙂 We did the photoshoot in Snyder. My nose kept running because of my allergies, so I’m really hoping that didn’t show up on the pictures haha.

By the end of the year, I’m planning on having the EP done with album cover and everything!! So close!!

THIS JANUARY!! I will be putting my first single out on Texas radio!! It’s gonna be “Only 21” I’ve recorded an acoustic video of the song as a “preview”

I hope y’all like it! Can’t wait to let everyone hear the single with the band!!


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