catch up


This month and the last 2 months have been pretty exciting.

I finally heard back from my visa and part one has now been approved, so now I’m just waiting for part 2 🙂

Also, my parents had a layover in Dallas so I got to spend some time with them



and then of course Halloween!! where I got to dress up little buddy too hehe..








and then I finished my EP and now have the money saved up to get it mastered and all that, so it should be done soooon!!

This weekend, me and Charlie went away for a weekend to Austin and San Antonio. The riverwalk at this time of the year is all lit up with thousands of christmas lights. It was beautiful to see.



and of course we found something for buddy 😉

315806_10151546198675744_1783788173_n         18798_10151546197270744_320113017_n


Only a few more weeks and I’ll be headed to Holland for Christmas… just 16 days!!! I hope i’ll survive, because it’ll be much much colder than it is here. It’s been around 80 degrees here all week and in holland its been about 40.. so I’ll probably be wearing a couple layers of clothes 😉

We’re going to have a christmas party on christmas day with my family, with the theme “Glitter& Glamour.” When I get back me and my sister are going shopping to get her a glitter dress. I’m sure all the men in the family are pretty excited about this theme too… hehe 😉

I was gonna take little buddy with me on the plane… but he’d have to be put in the cargo area.. I spent weeks researching on which plane has the best pet program, so i chose KLM.. but I just can’t bare the thought of having to put him in a cage and then leave him to be on a plane alone for 7 hours.. so he’s going to a pet resort here in town.

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