Marathon #2


Only one more week until me and Steph are running our 2nd marathon!!! Think we’re crazy? we probably are…

We’ve been training for months now and in only 6 days, we’ll see if all our hard work will pay off. We’re no experts so advice from friends and reading articles online is how we kinda figured out what to do. This time we’re gonna try and run at a faster pace than we did in Febuary.

I’m extremely nervous, and i’m not sure why.. I’m scared that I’ll trip and injure myself and all that kinda stuff.. Charlie laughed at me the other day and said: you’re acting like you got a nike sponsorship riding on this.. I guess I am taking it more serious than I should.. but why wouldn’t I? I’m not just gonna blow off months of training. Only people that run will understand what I mean.. you just develop an addiction for it.

Right now we’re in what they call a “tapering period.” that means for the last few days you cut back on your mileage and let your body recover, so that you won’t be exhausted by the time you have to run the marathon.

Oh and if you were wondering.. we’re running the PCS marathon in Dallas. You can follow us on this link just type in my name (Samantha Stomphorst) and you can see if we survive.. hehe


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