Pennsylvania Dutch?

Didn’t think I would be posting a more exciting travel post than New York City… But I think I loved these last couple of days more than being in the big city! After 2 days of seeing everything we could cram in 48 hours, another show plus a 5 hour drive this was the result:


We overslept for our first show in Pennsylvania, so skipping breakfast we put on 2 shows and felt starved after. Natalie treated me to an amazing Denny’s breakfast/lunch. We hung out there and planned our next route. We found the cutest little bed and breakfast for a reasonable price in Amish country! We got there before dark and were so excited!! The place was gorgeous!! A cute little cabin with 60 acres surrounding it. It was called the Plant and Herbs farm.



After a little workout, we enjoyed some tea on the front porch. For late august it was just a mild 62 degrees.


We asked the owner if there were any good places to eat. She pointed us to the yellow creek inn, which was a little restaurant with home cooked meals. They also had cheesecake!! Yumm! As usual though, I ate way too much and was too stuffed to eat dessert. But we took it home and had it as a midnight snack with some hot coco..


It took a little while to relax once we got back.. When we walked onto the porch a bird flew out of his nest, which almost scared me to death. I screamed so loud I’m surprised nobody came to check on us… When I opened the door I let some kind of giant flying bug in. I’m no hero when it comes to bugs, and turns out, neither is little country girl from the Deep South Natalie 😉 both of us were jumping around with rolled up magazines in our hand, trying to defend ourselves from this monster 😉 when we finally got it it was time to relax.

The next morning at 7:30 we woke up to the smell of fresh coffee. Mrs Plant was already fixin us breakfast!! When we got out our “first course” was on the table


After fresh fruit she had made us a spinach, bacon and ham omelet with a cherry strawberry cobbler as dessert.

Halfway through breakfast mrs plant got a call that there was a shooting down the street!! Omg, we just came out of nyc and there’s a shooting in this tiny town!! Mrs plant told us to lock the doors and stay inside. So we just went back to bed. We got up and had some more coffee on the porch and then went on to Volant and new Wilmington to check out the Amish.


We shopped all day in little amish shops and had a blast! For lunch we had some more home cooking and then went back to shopping



It was the cutest little village with lots of antiques and home made things


We were told to go down the Amish back roads. We stopped at a little road stand where an amish dad and his sons were selling fruits vegetables and jellies. They were so nice to talk to. We drove up to some little stands at the Amish’ homes, where little girls were running around in amish clothing. They looked like little dolls. We saw a boy mowing the grass with a horse and buggy.


On our drive we also came by this old little school house, from the 1800’s


It was an overall amazing day!! We enjoyed every second of it. I even found my street sign 😉


Then onto our last 2 shows in Indiana. This has been an amazing trip and I’m so thankful that Natalie took me on it. I’ve learned and seen so much more of this beautiful country!! 😊


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