Callin’ Baton Rouge 

Off to Baton Rouge, feeling near as faded as my jeans, with the next 2 weeks filled with shows!! Driving on down to Louisiana passing one old country home after the next, scenes of scary movies went through my head. A little before midnight I finally arrived at our bed and breakfast. I was greeted by the nicest people who immediately made me feel like I was just visiting friends instead of staying at a hotel. I was offered ribs and catfish upon arrival.. I ain’t ever seen that at a quality inn before. Natalie and Erica weren’t to arrive until about 6 the next morning. The owner took me upstairs and showed me the room we’ll be staying in for the next few weeks. The house is a 140 year old home with a lot of history, I was told on my first night there alone. Flashes of scary movies went through my head when I was told about the people’s spirits that supposedly were  still in the home. That night after getting to know the fun owners, Brett and Darren and their friend Sam, I made my way to the room where I slept with the lights on. I don’t care what you think, you’d be scared too. When Natalie and Erica arrived after a night of driving they got an hour of sleep before we were greeted by the smell of fresh eggs, toast and coffee that Brett had carefully prepared for us. I was introduced to the chickens the night before 

We went off to play our shows in a couple small towns. In one of the towns, Jones Branch, we noticed a lot of art throughout the town.

  After our shows we headed back to the house. I went for a little run to get to see some of the neighborhood of slaughter, the town we’re staying in. I felt like running through a movie, people sitting outside on their beautiful southern homes, on a porch swing drinking ice tea with a bloodhound sleeping next to them. The scenery was gorgeous, big trees draping down to the road, providing me some shade on my muggy humid run. 

That evening Brett and Darren, our hosts, generously prepared dinner for us. Chicken, spinach and mushroom quesadillas, with a side of rice and avocado relish. Absolutely delicious! 

At Natalie’s request, we were told some more ghost stories… The woman that had lived in the home had passed away after battling lung cancer. After 3 months her husband had committed suicide, in the house also. In the 140 year history of the house it had also been an orphanage, and a little girl haunts the house as well. We were told that it had been a happy orphanage and kids that stayed there have come back and taken pictures, sharing happy memories of their stay in the home. Still.. The idea of a little girl ghost scares the crap out of me.. But I’ve been sleeping with my bible close to me so I’ll be safe 😉 the house has been visited by paranormal investigators who videotaped some of the activity there, we’re watching this the last night of our stay.. From what I can tell from these first 2 days in Baton Rouge this will be another unforgettable Sockrockerz trip!! 


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