Dream home

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written a blog post. So much has happened since the last post. I’m not gonna get in to all of that, but I’m so excited that we just started the process of building our home!! Both me and Charlie have always wanted a log cabin. A few years ago, actually before we moved to Alabama, so 4,5 years ago we started making plans. Our plan was to first live in a tiny home for about 5 years and save up a bunch of money since with us not having “real” jobs and me being foreign, there would be a slim chance of us ever getting a loan. But since we decided to not be broke musicians anymore things started looking a little brighter for us. Charlie got a great job, and once I finally was allowed to get a full time job and not stay under the government radar, I found a good job too. We actually started making a normal living. It’s been so nice to just go out to eat and not worry bout where our next paycheck will come from. All that aside, we decided with our credit and us having jobs a loan shouldn’t be too hard… oh were we wrong. We thought the hard part about the whole house process would be picking the house and the company to build. We spend a lot of time researching and decided to go with GHI and log homes of the smokies.

We started our search for a bank and were turned down by EVERY bank we stepped foot in.. why? Because we’re building a “unique” home.. there are no comparables close to us so the bank would take to big of a risk of maybe getting stuck with a house they can’t sell.

We got with BB&T first, the loan officer promised us the world.. 4 months later we all of a sudden wouldn’t be allowed to finish the house ourselves.. the loan officer seemed to have no clue what she was doing the whole way through and we were pretty frustrated with the whole process. Thankfully the CEO of BB&T understood and gave us back the money we invested on the appraisal.

After the whole thing with BB&T we thought we’d have to give up on our dreams of a Log home

We then found Alabama Farm Credit. They have so far been a dream to work with and it only took 30 days for us to close.

Just days after we signed our loan things got started

The start of the road was there, which was super exciting after almost a year of anticipation.

This last week they got started on the foundation. Since we both don’t get off work until after dark we wouldn’t be able to see what was done until the weekend, but we lit the site up with flashlights and truck lights

Progress!! Actual progress! It seems to be going so quickly now.

Later last week they poured the concrete. I don’t really know what’s next but I’ve been told this has to sit for a while

I’m already planning where to put my Christmas tree next year, I can’t wait!!

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