Virtual 5k

With all the races being cancelled due to the coronavirus I joined the Run4prs virtual 5k this weekend. I had been training for a 5k for March 28th so was excited to see if I could improve my time. I chose a course where I previously ran 23:51. My plan was to get up early and treat this like any other 5k. But when I saw the weather I noticed the temps in the afternoon would be perfect!

So I drove up to where I was going to run about noon. I did a mile warm up and got mentally ready. How weird that even though I was all by myself, I still got pretty nervous. I just wanted to do good and see some progress. I started off on a slight downhill. I checked my watch and it showed a 6:40 pace. Little too fast! I backed off some to a 7:05. I was feeling great! But in the back of my mind I knew I could not hold this pace. I slowed down some and held it at 7:15, which was my first mile time. Huge mistake I felt going into mile 2, my heart rate started going up fast and I barely held onto a 7:31 pace. Mile 3 I knew I just had to power through, part uphill had me at a 8:45 pace, but my sprint downhill brought the mile time to a 7:45. Total I finished with a 23:15, which is my fastest road race in about 10 years!

On April 4th Run4prs has organized another virtual race. This time it’s a 10k!! Click on this link to join

2 thoughts on “Virtual 5k

  1. Doe je wel een beetje voorzichtig!!, na dit gezegd te hebben zeg ik dat ik trots ben op je, weer je tijd verbeterd chapeau!! 😘😘😘😘

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