Getting ready for Marathon training

For the last couple months I’ve been working on speed. I’ve learned that in order to run fast for the marathon, you first have to be able to run fast in the shorter distances. Dedicating a couple of months to 5k’s is great to build this. My speed is horrible… let me explain.. my 200 speed is the exact same as my 5k speed! Pretty bad… of course I’m not gonna change this too much in just a few months. It’s gonna take a while and I have to be patient. Having no patience will only lead to injury which will push my goal out even farther.

The beginning of the year I was hoping to officially break 23 minutes in the 5k. Last years PR officially was 23:30. I used the pfitzinger training plans and got my time down to 22:13. I was hoping to break 22 this last 5k, but had to adjust my goal due to the weather. It was 92% humidity!

The last month I feel like I was finally gaining speed. I asked my uncle for help and he gave me a couple super hard speed workouts. Pyramid workouts; 100-200-300-400-300-200-100, as many sets you can handle with 200 slow jogs in between. Then 200-300-400-500-400-300-200 the next week, also as many as you can handle. Then finally the next week 400-500-600-800-600-500-400 with 200s after all but 400 jog after the 800. Also as many as you can handle. I did 2 sets for all these and they had me tired for days after.

I’m not a fan of speed work in any way, so am excited to start base building and get ready for marathon training in the fall. I’m starting around 40 mpw working up to 60 or higher by September. During this base building block I’m focusing more on strength work, since I’ve been lacking much on that part.

What marathon are you training for??

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