First Training week for Marathon #8

The first week of marathon training is behind me. 54 miles, the first week. That’s a little different from how I’ve previously prepared. I used to only run about 6-8 miles for the first “long run” of marathon training. I mostly kept my weekly mileage around 25 miles… yes, less than the total distance of the marathon ha! And still expected to easily be able to break 4. I was disappointed each time when I finally crawled over the finish line at around 4:30. I ran around 40-50 miles per week on my last marathon training block. Doing this I finally broke the 4 hour barrier.

I’ve consistently been running about 40-50 miles per week since my last marathon in January. This training block if everything goes well I will go up to about 70 miles in one week. How I’m going to survive this, I’m not sure yet haha!

The first long run was already 15 miles. I remember I used to be nervous the entire week when I had a long run of 15 miles. I would normally run this around 8:30 pace for 10 miles and then pretty much walk run the last 5 in misery. I would be down the rest of the day, my muscles hurting and super tired.

Since I’ve learned to drastically slow down my long runs, I was easily able to complete 15 miles this Saturday. I was able to have a Saturday like I didn’t even run, nothing hurt and I wasn’t tired.

I can’t believe I never realized the importance of building a base in running. After years of training the wrong way, I’m glad I’m finally on the right track!

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