And the traveling begun.. All fired up from crs, I started taking any gig I could get. I would drive 5 hours to play in Austin and drive back after to be back at work at 7am. It was exhausting. With that.. My stupid car kept giving up on me.. After spending most of my money and gas and my car, I had almost nothing left.

All my friends let me clean their houses and do things for them to earn some cash, for which I’m very grateful.

My boyfriend said they needed someone to work for the company he works for, and thankfully they gave me that job, or my ass would’ve been back on amsterdam by now.

So I moved out of Snyder and went to Odessa. Where I am still 🙂

I quit!

My job at the bookstore was really getting old, but luckily I got a job at the radio station as a dj! This was the coolest thing ever. I was so nervous to talk to people while it felt like I was really just talking to myself. In the mean time I got a lot of support from everyone for my music from my friends and just random people too. In February I was surprised with a visit from my parents who I had missed so much. It was the best surprise ever 🙂 it was so cool how all my friends had kept it a secret.

After my parents left I went with Suzi q and Robert to CRS. A huge radio deal. Of course I still had cross country with 2 or 3 a day practices. So I quit cross country.. This week in Nashville was just too good to say no to.