Virtual 5k

With all the races being cancelled due to the coronavirus I joined the Run4prs virtual 5k this weekend. I had been training for a 5k for March 28th so was excited to see if I could improve my time. I chose a course where I previously ran 23:51. My plan was to get up early and treat this like any other 5k. But when I saw the weather I noticed the temps in the afternoon would be perfect!

So I drove up to where I was going to run about noon. I did a mile warm up and got mentally ready. How weird that even though I was all by myself, I still got pretty nervous. I just wanted to do good and see some progress. I started off on a slight downhill. I checked my watch and it showed a 6:40 pace. Little too fast! I backed off some to a 7:05. I was feeling great! But in the back of my mind I knew I could not hold this pace. I slowed down some and held it at 7:15, which was my first mile time. Huge mistake I felt going into mile 2, my heart rate started going up fast and I barely held onto a 7:31 pace. Mile 3 I knew I just had to power through, part uphill had me at a 8:45 pace, but my sprint downhill brought the mile time to a 7:45. Total I finished with a 23:15, which is my fastest road race in about 10 years!

On April 4th Run4prs has organized another virtual race. This time it’s a 10k!! Click on this link to join

Can’t someone else “just do it”

for those that know me, know that it’s hard for me to sit still. For those that don’t, must look at my Instagram pics and think I should probably be this amazing athlete with as much as I workout. Well I’m really not! I was never that person that’s the fastest on the team. And anyone can tell you I busted my butt and never slacked. I hear many excuses from people that don’t want to do something just cause they’ll look funny or won’t be amazing at it. That’s okay!! 

The first time I ran I couldn’t keep up with anyone and in college once I got lapped by second to last place on the track. And I’m still running! As competitive as I am, I’m most competitive with myself. I’m happy and proud if I’m the best that I can be that day.  I love pushing myself to do things I never thought I could do. 

So now the new challenge, a triathlon!! I figured that it would actually be a little easier than it’s been. I’ve been riding bikes my whole life in holland, for transportation every day. And swimming has always been my favorite thing to do. But when I hit the water I thought I was gonna drown after 2 laps! But I stuck with it and swam a mile. 

The thing I love about training is slowly seeing yourself get better, stronger and faster. Even though I might come in last on this triathlon, it’ll be okay, as long as I know that I gave it my all, I have nothing to be ashamed of. 

So if it’s been holding you back to try something new just cause you might not excel in it, do it anyway! So what if people laugh at you? It’s probably the ones that haven’t challenged themselves lately. Don’t let those people keep you from being your best.