American at Heart

It’s been a long time since I’ve been inspired by an interview. But last week I watched an interview with Gene Simmons that hit close to home. For a while now I’ve been very dissappointed to see the direction this country is going in. It’s like all the things I loved so much about this country are being done away with. I hate how the country is becoming less and less patriotic. Ever since I was 7 my biggest dream was to live in the United States. To move to the land of opportunity. In this country your fait is in your own hands, not in the hands of the government. In this country your success depends on how hard you work, yes you will fail many times before achieving success, but as long as you keep at it you will get there. I worked my butt off saving up every dime to get to live my dream and be a citizen of the land of my dreams. I’m still working hard towards realizing that dream, it’s not a simple process. I worked any job I could get and do the best in everything I do. It’s taken me on some strange but wonderful journeys. One of the things I worked hard on was learning how to speak English perfectly without an accent. Coming in to this country I was the outsider and I had to assimilate to the culture, which I was proud to do. I’m still learning more about the culture every day and I love it! It makes me so mad when people come here and try to get the usa to assimilate to them. We speak English here! When you’re an immigrant you learn the language and the culture of the country, the country isn’t supposed to learn yours! But lately that’s the way immigrants have been thinking. And not even legal immigrants! Illegals seem to be calling the shots now, and it disgusts me that our president is not only letting this happen, but giving illegals a free pass to stay! I didn’t come to this country for free handouts, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want pity from the president and just give me citizenship. I want to earn it and am going through the mind numbing and expensive process of immigration the way people should. It shouldn’t be easy to get into this country. Just like it isn’t easy to get into the best schools. You think they should just let everyone in Harvard? Or just the people that have worked the hardest for it? Exactly. When I watched the interview with Gene Simmons it made me so happy to see a fellow immigrant so proud of this country like I am. Watch this interview! I agree with every word he says and am glad someone finally has the guts to not be “politically correct” and says what needs to be said.

Interview with Gene Simmons

Turning off my iPhone

Bzzzt.. First thing I heard this morning… My phone. It was still early, but as I tried to doze back off, I went down the list off what “bzzzt” could be. What if I had an important email, what if it was my mom trying to get a hold of me? That was it, I couldn’t go back to sleep. But I didn’t want to look at my phone just yet. I wanted to stay in “sleep mode” just a little bit longer. I moved to my other side and was immediately greeted by little brick, licking me in the face. I lifted him up off the bed to take him outside. Like a true unemployed hippie, I walked outside in my bright pink robe and neon yellow spotted rain boots. A little embarrassed I stood with Brick as I watched people drive by, patting my hair down. They’re probably going to work, I thought. I bet they’re wondering why I’m standing here in my robe on a Monday morning instead of going to work like normal people. I took Brick back inside and climbed back into our warm comfortable bed. Brick made his way under the covers and snuggled up against Charlie. I went ahead and checked my phone. Nothing.. Just some trivia crack games, words with friends, a couple snap chats and texts from my best friends before they’d went off to work earlier that morning. I started playing a few games. It amazes me how I can waste hours just being on my phone. I go from app to app, just wasting time. Refreshing the feed on facebook, continuing on to Instagram, and then pinning the wedding dress I would someday want to wear, and trips I want to take. The more I’ve been thinking about it, the more I’m starting to despise my phone. Though I don’t want to live without it. Google is my hero, I can’t tell you how many times I search translations, and many questions that pop into my head throughout the day. Also I wouldn’t know where to go without the GPS on that thing. And most importantly I can contact my family at all times. Still.. It seems every since I’ve had an iPhone, my mind has just been running non stop. I don’t know if I’m 24 going on 70, but I’m already missing little things I used to enjoy in my childhood, not being sure if I’m even completely out of that yet. Me and my dad used to spend hours at cd stores, listening to songs on several CDs and carefully selecting one to buy, to then take turns to get to play it in the car. Now I just go on my phone and boom there is the song I want. I don’t ever have to wait for songs to come out anymore, which has made me appreciate music a lot less. I used to be excited for months waiting for a cd to be released, ride my bike to the store, listen to each song, buy the cd and go home and listen to it until I could sing each song. I feel like this is just one example of many things that has made me such an impatient person. I want everything now! Being annoyed with myself I forced myself a few weeks ago to rent a book. I used to love to get lost in stories when I was a kid. To my surprise, I still do. I guess all the boring books in highschool and college had just discouraged me. Just reading a few pages, I feel my mind settling down. Laying in bed tonight, instead of watching tv while playing games on my phone until 3am with my mind going a 100 miles an hour, I’m reading in silence. My favorite person sleeping next to me and my little puppy having his face smushed up against my stomach, curled up in a little ball. I’m so grateful for the things in my life, it feels good to take the time to realize what you have every now and then instead of worrying about what you don’t. I really gotta turn my phone off more often