Virtual 5k

With all the races being cancelled due to the coronavirus I joined the Run4prs virtual 5k this weekend. I had been training for a 5k for March 28th so was excited to see if I could improve my time. I chose a course where I previously ran 23:51. My plan was to get up early and treat this like any other 5k. But when I saw the weather I noticed the temps in the afternoon would be perfect!

So I drove up to where I was going to run about noon. I did a mile warm up and got mentally ready. How weird that even though I was all by myself, I still got pretty nervous. I just wanted to do good and see some progress. I started off on a slight downhill. I checked my watch and it showed a 6:40 pace. Little too fast! I backed off some to a 7:05. I was feeling great! But in the back of my mind I knew I could not hold this pace. I slowed down some and held it at 7:15, which was my first mile time. Huge mistake I felt going into mile 2, my heart rate started going up fast and I barely held onto a 7:31 pace. Mile 3 I knew I just had to power through, part uphill had me at a 8:45 pace, but my sprint downhill brought the mile time to a 7:45. Total I finished with a 23:15, which is my fastest road race in about 10 years!

On April 4th Run4prs has organized another virtual race. This time it’s a 10k!! Click on this link to join

Keep Dreaming

So much has happened within the last time I’ve posted. We’re still working on our house, but have come so far!! More on that later, I wanted to keep up with this blog,but we got so busy with the house and I kinda just forgot about it. I also can’t decide on the true content of the blog.. house building, me as a foreigner being in the USA, running, traveling, music?? I have so many different hobbies and things I love.. I can’t even decide if it should be in Dutch or English… but since most Dutch people can read English, I’ll just write in English. Also who besides my mom even reads this?? haha I’m way overthinking this so I’ll just use it as my own online diary that I can maybe later on in life look back on.

Anyways.. I’ve had so many goals and dreams over the years and looking back, they have all come true! Even becoming an American citizen is becoming a reality in the near future.

So I decided it’s time for another goal. To many people this will mean NOTHING, but I would love to qualify to run the Boston marathon. To those unfamiliar with running Boston is a marathon you can’t just run, you have to qualify with another marathon run at a certain time for your age group. And let me tell you, these are some super fast times!!! The time for my age group is 3:30! this is running 8 minutes per mile for 26.2 miles. Just typing this makes me wonder if this is a goal I should even make public, cause.. what if I fail? My first marathon I ran in 4:46 and the most recent 4:12. I’m getting faster, but not fast enough. In order to qualify to run Boston,I need to shave off over 42 minutes of my fasted time! But I believe this is possible. I’ve read about other people that have done this and am learning all the mistakes I’ve made. For example.. I take about 3-4 months to train for a marathon, with a mileage per week that peaks at 30.. mostly around 20.. and I run about 4 times a week. I recently read that to run any kind of decent marathon time that’s considered beyond “recreational” I would need to be running at least 55 miles per week!! That’s doubling what I’ve been running.

I’ve got my heart set on running the Panama City Beach marathon on December 5th, 2020. That means I have 9 months to realize my goal.. LET’S DO THIS!