Back to Holland after 2 years


After 2 years, I finally went back to Holland to pay a visit to my family 🙂 I had such a good time! I had missed everyone so much, and it felt great to see them again. I was there for 2 weeks, so we got to celebrate both christmas and newyears together.

12286_10151577889130744_2035620234_nWhen I arrived in Holland I saw Doutzen Kroes! The Dutch Victoria Secret model!! I wasn’t gonna take a picture at first.. I mean.. I had been traveling for 18 hours.. Not the best time to take a picture with one of the prettiest women in the world haha 🙂 But I figured no one would believe me if I didn’t.

The first day I was there, we went to my aunts birthday. I finally got to see my cousins again and my grandparents!!



Since I’ve lived in west Texas for the past 3 years, it had been a while since I had seen some rain. The day after I got there it was drizzling so I went out for a run.538612_10151623530400744_1589534740_n it felt so good to run in the clean air and to see green grass. I realized that I really had moved from one extreme to another. I kinda wanted to stay in shape for the time I was there so I did a couple of short runs. My parents even ran with me a couple times, that was a lot of fun.

The first time, my mom didn’t wanna go, so just me and my dad went running. Our plan was to go run 4 miles. My dad said that was no problem, even though he never runs haha. After about half a mile I saw my dad was getting pretty dang tired. So I pointed at an overpass and asked if he just wanted to run to that and then head back. He seemed pretty excited about that haha. We ended up still running 2 miles, which I thought was pretty good for my dad, since he never runs 🙂

after a few days we finally talked my mom into coming with us too. She didn’t want to, because she hadn’t ran in a few weeks. But she did so good too! we made this a little holiday tradition this year, since we went running every other day.

The first Saturday I was there, my sister, me and my cousins went out in Amsterdam. It was soooo much fun. We took the bus and walked to the club, I forgot that in Holland the sidewalks are all the little bricks.. I was smart enough to put on stilettos, so my shoes kept on getting stuck in there! It also rained, so our hair didn’t look the way it was supposed to when we got to the club. We danced all night to all kinds of music, they played a lot of old songs, dutch songs and also some american songs. I was surprised how many songs I didn’t know, since I hadn’t been there for so long. Going out in Texas, I always know the lyrics to pretty much every song haha. I had never been out with my sister before, and had no clue she was so freakin fun! She didn’t care what anybody thought and just danced her own way.


One of my cousins, Sabina and her boyfriend Stephan, Came up with a theme for the Christmas party we were gonna have at our house. They proposed that everyone would come dressed in something glitter, even the guys. They ordered us a buffett, so my mom wouldn’t have to cook. They also made a game where we were divided into 4 teams and had to compete with each other. We had to guess songs and spell dutch words correctly, that kinda stuff.. we got pretty competitive haha.

217994_10151623509735744_757459278_n 537270_10151623511945744_568887476_nOn 2nd christmas day (yes we have that in Holland) we went to my dad’s side of the family. We always have a real fancy meal with lots of wine. Its always so much fun. It’s a tradition in our family to do this every year on 2nd christmas day. So far I had only missed one.

On new years, me and my parents went to my aunt and uncles house. All night we sang songs and laughed, it was a blast. my uncle plays guitar so of course we played some songs together


I’m glad that I got to spend a lot of time with my parents and my sister. Like my mom said, It felt like our family was complete again. It was very sad to leave, but my life is here in the states.. I just wish the plane tickets were cheaper so I could fly back n forth more often.

Dallas PCS Marathon


Okay, it’s been about a month ago since we ran the marathon… I’m already so out of shape! Ready to train for the next one haha.

Anyways, The MetroPcs marathon didn’t exactly go as planned. Me and Steph had every move we made, every bite of food we took planned out for the last week before the marathon. We were so determined to achieve our time goal.

The morning of the marathon, we drove to Dallas early to beat the traffic. We walked around some, stretched, you know the drill. We were at the starting line and got so excited to get to do what we had been training for for so many months now! After going to the porter potty’s about 12 times we were ready to go. We hadn’t even started yet and we were already sweating.. the humidity was at 90% that day.. but we didn’t think twice about it.

We heard the gun and everybody started moving. There were sooo many people at this marathon, it took a while until we could actually run. The day before we got these awesome shirts with a crown on the front and on the back, “we don’t sweat, we sparkle”


we were all confident in our cool shirts and ran the first 10 miles with ease. Then we started having a harder time. Steph said she wasn’t feeling good and got kinda quiet. I was feeling tired, but that was it. Then around mile 14 I started feeling hungry.. which never happens during one of my runs.. By this time Steph was feeling better and ready to pick up the pace.marath We did for a little bit, but around mile 15 I just wanted to give up and die.. I didn’t though. We kept going and suddenly Steph said she had to throw up! At mile 17 she stepped to the side and made some weird noises but nothing came out… She did that a couple more times when we ran further. It was pretty funny, but I didn’t have the energy to laugh. The marathon started getting less and less cheery.. The farther we got, the more it looked like we were running in a civil war or something! people were laying on the side of the roads grabbing their legs and crying. By mile 19 I was feeling so weak, I couldn’t see good anymore. For a second I thought,”am I gonna faint?” But I figured I wouldn’t since I NEVER faint. But soon enough there I was on the ground. I woke up with about 6 people over me yelling stuff and telling me to stay with them. I wanted to say that I was fine, but couldn’t talk, so I tried to tell Steph telepathically I guess haha. One guy was holding my arm saying that I was cold, and another dude said he couldn’t find a heartbeat. I was wondering what was going on, cause I knew I was fine.maratho A woman sat me up against her knees and shoved some Gatorade gel packets in my mouth. Another man gave me some gatorade to drink and to get my strength back. By this time I got up and said that I was ready to go… but they wouldn’t let me go! I acted like a little bratty kid, because if we had left right then, we still would’ve made our goal time. But no.. they called an ambulance.. they had me sitting there for 45 minutes! I felt so bad, cause Stephanie waited for me, even though she could’ve just gone on and finished. She is the best friend ever! Finally I got to sign a waiver so they wouldn’t be responsible and ran the rest of the marathon.

We got our pace back and finished the marathon anyway. WE DID IT!! 2 marathons in 1 year 😀