Dallas PCS Marathon


Okay, it’s been about a month ago since we ran the marathon… I’m already so out of shape! Ready to train for the next one haha.

Anyways, The MetroPcs marathon didn’t exactly go as planned. Me and Steph had every move we made, every bite of food we took planned out for the last week before the marathon. We were so determined to achieve our time goal.

The morning of the marathon, we drove to Dallas early to beat the traffic. We walked around some, stretched, you know the drill. We were at the starting line and got so excited to get to do what we had been training for for so many months now! After going to the porter potty’s about 12 times we were ready to go. We hadn’t even started yet and we were already sweating.. the humidity was at 90% that day.. but we didn’t think twice about it.

We heard the gun and everybody started moving. There were sooo many people at this marathon, it took a while until we could actually run. The day before we got these awesome shirts with a crown on the front and on the back, “we don’t sweat, we sparkle”


we were all confident in our cool shirts and ran the first 10 miles with ease. Then we started having a harder time. Steph said she wasn’t feeling good and got kinda quiet. I was feeling tired, but that was it. Then around mile 14 I started feeling hungry.. which never happens during one of my runs.. By this time Steph was feeling better and ready to pick up the pace.marath We did for a little bit, but around mile 15 I just wanted to give up and die.. I didn’t though. We kept going and suddenly Steph said she had to throw up! At mile 17 she stepped to the side and made some weird noises but nothing came out… She did that a couple more times when we ran further. It was pretty funny, but I didn’t have the energy to laugh. The marathon started getting less and less cheery.. The farther we got, the more it looked like we were running in a civil war or something! people were laying on the side of the roads grabbing their legs and crying. By mile 19 I was feeling so weak, I couldn’t see good anymore. For a second I thought,”am I gonna faint?” But I figured I wouldn’t since I NEVER faint. But soon enough there I was on the ground. I woke up with about 6 people over me yelling stuff and telling me to stay with them. I wanted to say that I was fine, but couldn’t talk, so I tried to tell Steph telepathically I guess haha. One guy was holding my arm saying that I was cold, and another dude said he couldn’t find a heartbeat. I was wondering what was going on, cause I knew I was fine.maratho A woman sat me up against her knees and shoved some Gatorade gel packets in my mouth. Another man gave me some gatorade to drink and to get my strength back. By this time I got up and said that I was ready to go… but they wouldn’t let me go! I acted like a little bratty kid, because if we had left right then, we still would’ve made our goal time. But no.. they called an ambulance.. they had me sitting there for 45 minutes! I felt so bad, cause Stephanie waited for me, even though she could’ve just gone on and finished. She is the best friend ever! Finally I got to sign a waiver so they wouldn’t be responsible and ran the rest of the marathon.

We got our pace back and finished the marathon anyway. WE DID IT!! 2 marathons in 1 year 😀


Dutch Fast Food

Many people ask me what kind of food we eat in the Netherlands. I never really thought we ate any stange foods, but after I told people about some of the stuff we eat, they made some faces..

When I first came here, and when me and my family used to come here for vacation, we’d be full after eating the appitizer salad. Our portions are WAAAYY smaller than the ones here.

A normal breakfast in Holland is usually just a few pieces of bread with either choclate sprinkles, cheese or jam.

for lunch, most people eat a sandwich. Most Dutch people don’t eat warm food for lunch.

Dinner in holland is a meal that most families eat together. For my family it was always my favorite dinner. We would all sit together and go through our day. Here it sometimes feels that dinner is a bit rushed. I learned though that in the south, people treat meals more like we do and eat them with their families. When I lived with my host family, every meal we ate was in front of the TV and no one said a word. I liked how we did it in Holland, when it was time for dinner the TV was either muted or off. Dinner is family time.
We usually eat meat, veggies and potatoes.

A typical Dutch meal is when all the foods are just thrown together and mashed. The meal in the picture below is called “Boerenkool,” It’s potatoes, sausage and vegetables, with gravy in the middle.

For snacks we usually eat little cookies or something, or if you go to the market, sometimes we’d pick up “haring” which is fish

Many people also ask me if we have fast food in Holland, and we do, but as many as there are in the US. We have Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Subway. We do have our own fast food chains though. You can go anywhere in Holland and order you some fries with mayo on it.. which looks like this

Besides the fries with mayo, you can order the “patat speciaal” which is the pic above. If you feel like having some meat with you fries you can get it yourself from “the wall” That’s right.. from the wall, literally. All you do is put in a euro or 2 and get out your burger, kroket or frikadel.                                        

frikadel^                                                                      kroket^

I couldn’t tell you what the contents are of these fried treats.. but I’m sure neither you or me would want to know.. I think one of the ingredients of the frikadel are cowbrains.. so I don’t want to know what the rest are.

Think I’ll go get me some Whataburger now 😉