Honeymoon Recap!

So I know it’s been a little over a month, but I still catch myself daydreaming about our honeymoon. All the sights we’ve seen, all the delicious food we got to eat, everything was just perfect. After the wedding, we ventured off to Paris, taking both our parents. It had been Charlies moms dream to see the Eiffel Tower, so of course when we’re only 3 hours from it, we had to go. We took the train, or the Thaylis. Charlies dad took his electric scooter, and we got amazing service! I recommend taking an electric scooter anywhere you travel! We got a private room with nice large chairs, while my parents had to sit in our original seat back in the poor people section. 

In Paris we stayed at the best western, just a mile from the Eiffel Tower! That evening we walked to it, it was freezing cold and raining, but that didn’t take away from the magic. It was beautiful! 

After Paris me and Charlie went on to Rome. Our flight was super early so we wouldn’t lose a whole day due to traveling. We arrived in Rome and didn’t feel like dealing with bus routes and trains, so we made it rain and got a cab. The driver took us around some and showed us some spots before dropping us off at our Airbnb. We arrived in the street of the coliseum, in front of a giant wooden door, which was the entrance to our apartment.

We couldn’t get into the apartment just yet, so we walked to the coliseum and had some pizza. After a week of 40 degree weather, the sunshine was greatly appreciated. It was slowly warming up to the 70s!!

After lunch we met the owner of the Airbnb in front of her apartment. She opened a little cubbie in the giant door which led us to a courtyard towards the apartment. It was the cutest little space, a little living room and kitchen, with a loft. Charlie could only stand up in one spot of the apartment without hitting his head.  

There was a little walkthrough upstairs, over a sheet of glass, towards the bathroom. In the bathroom you had to sit down to brush your teeth, which is something we want in our own bathroom now! We’re lazy. Outside the bathroom was a little bench where you could sit and blowdry your hair! genius!

It was gorgeous and it was fun to get to feel like a local for a few days instead of staying in a fancy hotel chain outside the city. That day we took a walk around the Roman forum and made plans for tours we wanted to take. We are calamari for dinner at a little restaurant that evening. After dinner we were beat, so we went back to our quaint little getaway. Next door was a little convenient store with fresh fruit, so we got some for breakfast the next morning. 

After getting some rest we got up early the next day to go explore Vatican City. We bought a tour to skip the 4 hour long line to get in, which was more than worth it. Although our tour guide was very hard to understand, so I just walked around and figured I’d read up later. Every time I saw ceilings covered with paintings I thought we were in the Sistine chapel, but there was much art leading up to it, all stunning!

You’d have to spend weeks there to get a look at every painting. After walking for a while we finally got to the Sistine chapel, where we were told to turn off our cameras. Of course Charlie found a way to sneak some pics 

  After the Vatican we got ourselves some gelato and got away from the crowd for a bit. To our surprise there were people begging everywhere around the Vatican, while inside there’s walls made of gold.. 

After our second pizza meal by the coliseum that evening we spent the evening in our Roman home. The next morning it was time for our coliseum tour, with a tour guide who actually spoke English! 

After the coliseum we went to the Roman forum. We had a different guide for this tour, and I couldn’t catch a word. We stood at one point for about 15 minutes with him rambling on, when Charlie was finally convinced to ditch the group and go out on our own. We found one of the first Christian churches with the paintings of the bible stories on the walls. 


That evening we ate outside in a little side ally of piazza navona. There were restaurants everywhere, old buildings decorated with flowers and terraces. We walked all the way back to our apartment, covering every sight on our way, and of course stopping  for more gelato.  

The next morning it was time for the next adventure, Athens, Greece! We had another super early flight and got to Greece after sunrise. We took the train this time and were greeted by our host at the exit. Our Airbnb was in a little side street of all the sights, with a view of the Acropolis walking out the street. Charles saw oranges laying on the street everywhere and was thinking how dirty the Greek people must be for just tossing oranges randomly on the street. But later we noticed there were orange trees lining all the streets 

Of course we picked some to have for breakfast. After check in we got to exploring the city. We couldn’t read any street signs, but you could see the Acropolis from everywhere so we just made sure to stay in the area of it. Just walking through the city there was history everywhere, so surreal to walk by buildings that are 600 BC. At night time they light up the Acropolis to make it look even more magical. We walked around looking for a place to eat, neither of us knowing what to expect since we never tasted Greek food before. We were drawn to a local restaurant where 2 musicians were playing for the customers. We randomly picked something from the menu and were pleasantly surprised. The food was absolutely delicious! I ordered a glass of wine, but instead got a giant jug! I like Greece. We felt so appreciated there, after dinner we got a free shot of mastaha, a Greek liquor. 

We slowly made our was back to the bnb, passing the tiniest allies crammed with tables with people having late dinners and drinks. The streets were draped over by all kinds of flowers, which made me feel like I was walking through a painting. 

The next day we took a tour through the Acropolis, after having read up some. 


For lunch we tried some souvlaki, and continued to smell like it for the rest of the day. We walked to every sight we had tickets to that day and also paid a visit to the museum after learning that all the original statues are stored in there. 

That evening we ate at a fancy place with the prettiest view of the Acropolis. Charlie isn’t a big cheese fan, but accidentally ordered a dish that was more cheese than anything else. 

I had been telling Charlie about this pedicure they have in Greece where Fish eat the dead skin off your feet.. I had seen it on “Keeping up with the Kardiashians”.. Don’t judge me. We happened to walk by one! Of course I had to try it. I was told to wash my feet good before sitting on a little bench and putting my feet in the water with about a hundred tiny fish in there.  It was a strange feeling, and it tickled, but my feet were so pretty and soft ! 

The next morning I walked over to the local bakery and bought us some fresh croissants with Nutella inside, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Next door was a little coffee and juice bar, hands down best coffee I’ve ever tasted. After a good breakfast we went to the temple of Zeus and then continued on to the Olympic stadium where the very first Olympics were held. Of course I couldn’t help but run a lap on the track, what an experience. They first started building that stadium 300BC. 

Our last evening we walked up the stairs in a cute little ally to a small restaurant overlooking some of the city. 

The next morning we strategically packed our bags to head back home. I could’ve never imagined how much we’d get to see and do, and eat ha. But it was an unforgettable journey. And to get to experience it with my favorite person in the world made it even better. I couldn’t  be happier than I am right now