Pocahontas proud 

And summer reading has begun for the kids! That means a new start for sockrockerz shows!! A few days ago, I got ready to head to Nashville and head to Indiana with Natalie. I’d been needing a new tire for my car and thought it’d be smart to get one before making the trip. Walmart quickly put a tire on my car for me and I was ready to hit the road. About 60 miles down the road people started honking at me from all directions.. What in the world now??.. I turned down my music and heard a weird noise, so I took the first exit.. And would you know it, the new tire was completely flat!! I called Walmart right away and told them what happened. They asked me if I bought the warranty, which I never buy. I hung up because there were 3 trucker men standing by my car, I opened the door and they asked if I needed any help. They immediately got to work, the tire was changed to a little donut in a matter of minutes. The 3rd man told me the tire needed air, but money in the air machine and filled it up. I couldn’t be more grateful to them, they weren’t much talk, just did the work and headed on, so nice! I went on to the nearest Walmart, and they told me about a manufacturer warranty that comes with the tire, so the warranty they try to sell you is just total bogus! Don’t fall for it! They said it was a mistake the mechanic made and fixed it. Our trip got delayed a bit, but we made it to the hotel in Auburn, Indiana a bit after midnight. 

We spent the next few days in Butler, Auburn, Garrett and Waterloo. They are all cute little towns and the kids were super excited to see us. 


Yesterday we had 2 shows followed by a 10 hour drive to Kansas City. As usual I looked for traces of the Amish, but we didn’t see them this time. I guess they don’t live right of the main highway. Around dinner time we stopped to get some food, I was ready for some McDonald’s dollar menu, but Natalie treated me to a delicious pizza dinner at a local place called firefly grill. It was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the garden where they grew the veggies for the restaurant. 

We were just a little underdressed.. Everyone was in fancy suits and we looked like we just ran a 10k. After dinner we went back on the road. Since we were driving through Illinois I looked up if we were anywhere close to Pocahontas, the town where Gretchen Wilson grew up. When I was 15/16 I would order her albums online and waited for 2 weeks for them to finally arrive at my doorstep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to her songs. I was such a big fan that I even bought her book. I was just convinced that I was too, a redneck woman, tho I had no clue what a skoal ring was, nor had a ever seen plastic pink flamingos. After moving here I’ve found out I’m probably not as redneck as I thought I was when I listened to those albums 😉 although a few weeks ago I did drink coffee out of a mason jar. Anyways we drove right through Gretchens town!! Of course we made a stop and I found the sign I had read about.

I felt like I was 16 again for a bit, we filled up the tank and drove out listening to “Pocahontas proud.” 

When the public restroom becomes a second home

yesterday we got up early after a little rest in our fancy Notre Dame Hotel. Got some bagels, eggs and of course coffee on our way out to the first show. Auburn, Indiana, a little bit bigger than the towns we had visited, but still tiny. 

and after that onto Garret, just 10 mins away. All the kids at both shows had a wonderful time, and I’m sure the parents were thankful that they were ready for their afternoon naps. 

After the shows we changed in the restrooms, just like we had been everyday. Quickly splashing some water and soap on our sweaty armpits hoping no one would walk in. 

Yep that’s Natalie just living like a homeless dirty hippie 😉 we then headed on to South Carolina, a 10 hour drive. Well.. That’s what it was supposed to be, turned out to be almost a 13 hour drive with all the traffic and detours we hit. We enjoyed seeing some more of Indiana and Ohio. I was so excited when we got to West Virginia

We were welcomed by large rivers and big green trees on even bigger mountains. As we drove in the sun was setting, which made our view even more beautiful. We did have one little hiccup.. We got pulled over! Don’t you hate that moment of anxiety whenever the cop walks back to his car. Are we getting a ticket or not!?? The cop slowly walked back over to the window and handed Natalie a warning along with her license and registration. Holding back our cheers and excitement until we were out of the cops sight we drove off onto the next state.

Instead of one person sleeping while the other drove we both stayed up singing out loud to avril lavigne, taylor swift and Michelle Branch. Followed by the audio book version of Safe Haven. The last couple hours we were ready to drop! Just so tired! But we safely made it to the hotel mom 😉 we got about 5 hours in before heading to our first show. We chugged a cup of coffee and put on another successfully show in west columbia, South Carolina. The sweet kids even made us some superhero masks! 

My nose looks like squid ward in this picture… 

We had a couple of hours to kill and of course I had to drag poor Natalie to the high school track. We pushed each other through the workout so we could enjoy some subway cookies! We deserved them. 

One more show for the week in Swansea, South Carolina. Another welcoming small town with the sweetest people. And now back on the road again. After yesterday driving through Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, today we’ll go through Gerogia and Tennesee and then Alabama for me. 

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