It’s been a couple weeks now since we’ve been back from our wedding and honeymoon, but I can’t help looking at the pictures every day. I used to make fun of the people who’d say the cheesy line, “my wedding day was the best day of my life,” but I know understand it. Our wedding was beyond perfect.

I made a point in not being materialistic about our wedding, but also didn’t like the idea of not having my family there and to elope. Charlie unselfishly proposed to have the wedding in holland, so my family could be there, since we live here in Alabama.

My family made our wedding day spectacular, they spent months planning and making speeches. I have never understood making a big fuss out of the materialistic things that come with weddings, since the only thing that matters is the promise of spending your life together with your new spouse, not the knife set you registered for, or the flower arrangements on the tables.

To walk down the isle to Charlie was definitely one of the most memorable and happiest moments of my life. To see my family standing there smiling at me, in a room my mom and sister had so carefully decorated, while holding my dads arm, walking towards the man whom I’ll be spending the rest of my life with, was simply magical. And my dad performing the ceremony was the cherry on top.

The whole day was just full of fun, love and laughter. From the speeches that brought us to tears, to the kids dancing to Charlie and his dad’s music. I couldn’t have wished for a more special day, and I feel so blessed to have people who made all that happen for us, without us having a hand in it.

I can’t thank my family enough for making this day so memorable.

A quarter of my life in the USA


This month marks my 6th year to be living in the United States of America! I’ve lived here a quarter of my life now. That’s a strange reality. Of course my Dutch roots will stay strong since my family all still live in the Netherlands. But my love for this country is still great and I can’t wait for the day I can say that I’m an American citizen. 

I enjoyed another Independence Day yesterday, watched fireworks, ate BBQ, a tradition I’ve started to cherish. Still I feel that many people my age and younger don’t appreciate this country and its freedoms like they need to. This actually accounts for many adults as well. I guess since we’ve never lived through a war or had any serious hardships, we in a sense have forgotten how privileged we are. We’re worried about the battery life of our phones, or if we have enough keurig coffee cups to make it through the week. Of course I’m guilty of this as well. But my grandparents, even though not American, have taught me that freedom doesn’t come free. The line that now has just become a bumper sticker to most, actually has a very powerful message. Many people have died, selflessly given their lives, so we can live the way we do. And we’re arguing about abortion, racism, and gay marriage, while terrorist are planning their next attack. Just let everyone be, stop judging other people and just make sure you’re the best person you can be. We need to stick together and realize that we live in the greatest country in the world. Let’s keep it that way! And protect it! My hope is that in a few years I get to vote for a president that loves this country as much as I do. Not someone who’s trying to turn this country into Europe, I moved from there for a reason!