Grow up!

When I was 7 years old I decided I would move to the United States! My parents loved the country and were always talking about moving there. They planted a dream in me, that I still haven’t let go. I didn’t know yet how or when, but one day I would move. As a kid, I didn’t think about what that would mean, leaving my family, my culture, my friends.. Everything I knew in my little world. I always thought I’d become a famous singer. I thought as soon as Id set foot on American soil I would be handed a record deal. Then I could fly back and forth whenever I would please. So what’s everyone crying about?.. Oh how nice it was to be so naive 😉 I know better now, it takes 1200 bucks and 20 plus hours to see my family. Not a little walk to the house I grew up in to have a cup of coffee to catch up with my mom, shopping sprees with my little sister, or driving down to see how opa and Oma are doing. People often think when I tell them I moved to this country alone, that I must have been the black sheep of the family.. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. My family is very close. I had a wonderful childhood and have the best parents. Me and my mom had our daily Oprah session, where I would come home from school and we’d make snacks and watch Oprah together. Now we talk on the phone every other day and talk about the Ellen Show. Opa and Oma have figured out email, so we stay in touch. I might be thousands of miles away, but I’m still very close to my family. I often wonder if I would have stayed in holland some of my adult life, maybe until I was 20, if I would’ve ever left… I had no clue how hard it would be to persue my biggest dream. I left right before that stage in life when you start thinking about the consequences, and things that can go wrong. I thought I was invincible. Even though I only had money to pay for a car and one year of college, I knew I would be here forever. I had no plan B, this was it! And I’m still here, living with my sweet puppy and favorite person in the world, happier than ever. Living in a house surrounded by trees and flowers and silence, except for when our redneck neighbors work on one of their 5 pick up trucks that are broke down in the yard.. Haha I didn’t say I was finished dreaming! I still have big plans, but it’s nice to share those with the person you love. As independent as I have been, and as fast as I’ve had to grow up, I love not having to feel alone anymore. So far I’ve found everything I’ve ever dreamed of! I’m happy 


so I was watching Michele Obama’s interview on The tonight show with Jimmy Fallon. I was surprised that with all the things going on in the world, her main focus right now seems to be obesity. That must mean that it is a growing problem in the country, and honestly every western country right now. I know that your whole life you’ve been told that in Europe people are thin and in shape… I’m gonna tell you right now, that ain’t true! Every time I return to the Netherlands I’m surprised by the growing amount of overweight people. In Europe there are more and more fast food restaurants opening up. When I was growing up, all we had was McDonalds and Burger King, but now the rest of the unhealthy chains are making their way over the ocean. Obesity, though, is still not a big problem over there. In the south, every time I walk into a restaurant there’s at least 3 people that have tightly squeezed themselves into a booth. Stained covered shirts, because they’re not able to bend over to their food.. I’m not making fun, it just looks so miserable. Although I’m not making fun, I also feel no sympathy for obesity, you’re the one controlling what goes into your mouth every day. Whenever I see people that are overweight at the gym, or are walking outside, I always try to encourage! I understand it feels horrible when everyone gets to see your first steps towards a healthy life, when you’re huffin’ and puffin’ just walking a little faster, but everyone has to start somewhere. People tell me all the time how lucky I am that I have “good genes.” Now that just pisses me off, If I wouldn’t work out everyday and eat whatever the hell I wanted, I would be 200 pounds by the end of the year, easily!

For kids it’s a different story.. Personally, when I see an obese kid, I think it’s child abuse.. the parents are taking away a childhood by letting them eat so many sweets, they’re unable to run and play. I think it’s good that kids are learning about nutrition in school now, but it’s such a strange shift from when I was younger. I guess I was the last generation that didn’t have video games and smart phones. I hear commercials now saying that kids need to be outside for 30-60 minutes a day and be active. When I was younger our moms had a hard time getting us inside and settling us down to go to bed. My moms rule was, you can be outside until the city lights come on and then we’d have to haul butt to the house. In the winter times this was around 5pm, but in the summer time sometimes the lights wouldn’t come on till 10:30! Just another reason I don’t want children, I guess now you can’t get a break from them at all! they’re just inside getting fat and playing video games! 😉