support.. Everyone needs it, but can be tough to get sometimes, since Everyone has their own opinions and ideas. There’s so many reads about being a strong independent person. I believe that only makes you happy to an extent. I’m not saying not to be independent, but it’s nice to have someone that is proud of you and talks with praise about the things you do. Any new project I take on, I know that I can rely on the support of my family, my best friends and Charlie. For example, training for a marathon can be brutal for the people who are around the runner. The constant tiredness, and planning everything around it. Charlie doesn’t get running, he said he’d only run that far if his car broke down. But still he’s there for me and rubs my feet after a long run and makes me a nice dinner. For my first marathon I worked full time, so we’d only get some “date” time on the weekends. Sometimes I’d have a bad run, and just wanted to lay down and go to sleep. He never complained once, and was more than happy to get some take out and eat in bed.  Just like my parents who came to florida for a relaxing vacation, but rode their bike for 17 miles with me, from which their butts hurt for days! 

This goes for everything! Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can just do everything alone, I’m sure you can, but you don’t want to, believe me.

For example now that I’ve started to get into this yoga thing, Charlie’s got my back on that too. I get so excited when I get better at a new pose, that of course I want to share that. 

Even doing little projects around the house. Of course I do it for me too, but it’s nice when I finish a craft or something that he’s excited about it too.

The point is that honestly, Charlie could care less about crafts, or marathons, or yoga, and I’m sure many more interests of mine. But he’s always extremely supportive. It’s the best feeling to be able to share every aspect of your life with someone. I feel so lucky!

I know me and Charlie have been together for only 4 years, so I’m not gonna preach about how your relationship should be. I just want you to be sure that you’re with someone who supports you. Someone who asks you how your day was at work, someone who is proud when you get a bonus or a raise, someone who will be there for you no matter what! Not to sound cheesy, but material things really don’t mean anything. If someone tries to constantly give you expensive gifts, it’s a distraction from what they’re lacking. How much someone cares for you shows in their actions!

Fitness for the Frugal

One of the things passed down to me by my dad, is that I am too, very frugal. I don’t like having to spend money on things I don’t need, or even on things that I want, but that are not a priority now.

 I try to cut luxuries since I’m not making a killing 😉 things I love but avoid are starbucks, pedicures, hair appointments, spa days, expensive restaurants, victoria secret, any store that is not Walmart, rue 21 or Ross and yes, the gym. I would love so much to have a gym membership and take spinning classes, and yoga classes and make use of the pool!! But for the past years, that wouldn’t have been a smart choice. If I was gonna splurge on anything it was to see my family. I take a lot of pride in my fitness not ever making use of a gym. As a runner, I’m lucky that my sport requires just a couple good running shoes. I don’t ever go to a real running store, as tempting as it is! I’m loyal to my $50 ascics and love some mizunos on sale when I can find them. No need to spend $170 on the newest trend in running shoes. Just know the support you need. That’s why ascics do so good for me, thick gel soles are my savior! I run like I’m in an elephant stampede, just stomping away. I tried to go even cheaper with sketchers, but that was a huge mistake, those soles didn’t last 2 weeks with the way I stomp.

Besides shoes, you need some good running clothes. I’m super frugal on this as well. Of course I’d love to have the newest lulemon yoga clothes or the latest Nike shorts, but my wallet just doesn’t agree with me 😉 Walmart has a great fitness clothes selection! 

This top and tights are both from Walmart, 2 tops for 10 bucks and 12 for the tights!!

And those are the sketchers I was talking about, pretty, but no good!

For yoga, you can get a yoga mat for under 10 bucks at Walmart as well! And while you’re there grab a kettle bell! They’re miracle workers!

Those are the only things I own for my workouts, a 20 pound kettle bell and my yoga mat. I use chairs, the couch, coffee table and any heavy milk or drink cartons in the house. 

If you live in the USA, you get to use the highschool track! I absolutely love to go to the track and have a different kind of workout every time I’m there. Sometimes I just work on the bleachers. Great to do jump squats! It’s nice to stay creative, that way things don’t get boring. 

Of course if you do have the money to spend on a gym, I say go for it. Don’t hesitate to ask fit people there for advise, they are more than happy to help!