Last week was pretty exciting!! I played my very first full band show!!

Brian Milson let me borrow his band to open for him at “Rockin’ Rodeo,” a big club in Midland, TX. I was pretty nervous but it ended up going great!!

here are 2 clips from the show. I wanted to get the whole show on video, but didn’t have enough space on my phone 😦

New Setlist

So lately I’ve been working on some new songs for a setlist. I haven’t been able to write anything good for a while now, but I’ll get back into it. I guess it’s harder to write songs when you’re happy 🙂

Anyways wanted to do a few covers that people would love, so I asked around and got these 2 are some of the new songs you can expect in my shows 🙂

I was looking through the stuff I recorded on a camera, and came across a song I did with my friend from college, James Washington. He asked me to work on a rap song with him. I had never done anything like that before, but I thought it’d be fun. He wanted to write a song to the music of “Run this Town.” I had to write the hook, which was pretty easy. It came out to be really funny. James put pictures to the video and everything.