Spoiled Brat!

is what I am… I remember sitting on my room as a teenager dreaming about the future. I was gonna live in a house with a porch and a big yard with trees. Slowly but surely I’ve come to match my life to the dreams I’ve had as a kid. My dreams are coming true! I love days like these where I sit and take it all in. I’m the kind of person that is always wanting more, always pushing, so much discipline and drive. Which on paper sounds great! In practice I’ve realized it can also take appreciation out of life. I always strive for more. But sitting on my back porch today I realized how far I’ve already come, at just 25. I know I’m no millionaire, or scientist or anything brilliant. But my life is perfect.


I’ve always been a dreamer. A bit quiet most of the time, but always have gotten along with everyone. I remember a trip to the usa I took with my parents and sister, from Arizona, to Nevada, to California. One day, I thought, one day I will have my own car and drive these roads myself! I will have a house here with a porch and rocking chairs and some dogs. And here I am, I thought today, the dogs running around playing and me sitting here with a book, listening to the wind move the trees. I slowly saw the sun set behind them and went inside. 

Doing yoga for the past month has really helped me to just take a moment out of the day to not be doing something. To just tell my brain to shut up and shut down for a little while. I love it! It makes me realize that the giant to do list I keep in my mind is really not all that important. It’s good to completely relax every now and then. I’m loving this simple country life, as long as there’s food on the table and smiles on everyone’s faces, life is good. I never looked at things that way before. 

I’ve also learned to not compare my life to anyone elses. Each person has their own goals and beliefs, there’s always going to be someone smarter, funnier, prettier, and more successful than you. Everyone has their own journey. And I’m loving mine. 

New Challenge

For 8 years now, running has been a huge part of my life.

 It has introduced me to my best friends in the whole world, helped me get a scholarship for college, helped me lose my freshman.. 35.. And has helped me keep a sane mind through many stressful situations. I love everything about it, being in nature, just by myself, listening to music, and of course staying fit. I’m not a natural born athlete, I lose my fitness insanely fast. I remember when I first started, couldn’t even run a mile.. And look at me now, last month me and my BFFs ran our 3rd marathon. 26.2 miles of pleasure and torture.. As great as my love is to get out on the road, just me and my favorite shoes, it gets tough on my body. Especially since I’m tall, I often feel my back aching, begging me to “take it easy,” which is not in my vocabulary. Since Charlie has many back problems I started looking online.. Yea I’m one of those 😉 I found many articles of people that have “cured” their aches and pains with yoga. I had tried yoga a few times, but didn’t have the patience to ever stick with it. But for the last few weeks I’ve forced myself to try it and see how it would work for me. And wow.. Only a few weeks in and I already have fallen in love with it! So many challenges!! Starting off I was so impressed with the headstand, I tried it a couple times for fun and couldn’t even push my body up over my head against the wall.. 

But look! Just a few weeks of daily practice and unflexible me can hold a headstand! I feel improvement by the day, which I love, since I’m not a patient person. Yesterday I did a variation of the side crane pose

I’m excited to see where my newly found yoga challenge will take me. If anything the flexibility will surely help my running stride. 

And for helping with back pain, usually working promos, my back will acke within a few hours. This weekend I worked standing in heels for 3 days. Although my feet felt like death, my back hadn’t hurt one bit the whole weekend! I’m looking forward to making more progress in the next months ☺️🙏