Can’t someone else “just do it”

for those that know me, know that it’s hard for me to sit still. For those that don’t, must look at my Instagram pics and think I should probably be this amazing athlete with as much as I workout. Well I’m really not! I was never that person that’s the fastest on the team. And anyone can tell you I busted my butt and never slacked. I hear many excuses from people that don’t want to do something just cause they’ll look funny or won’t be amazing at it. That’s okay!! 

The first time I ran I couldn’t keep up with anyone and in college once I got lapped by second to last place on the track. And I’m still running! As competitive as I am, I’m most competitive with myself. I’m happy and proud if I’m the best that I can be that day.  I love pushing myself to do things I never thought I could do. 

So now the new challenge, a triathlon!! I figured that it would actually be a little easier than it’s been. I’ve been riding bikes my whole life in holland, for transportation every day. And swimming has always been my favorite thing to do. But when I hit the water I thought I was gonna drown after 2 laps! But I stuck with it and swam a mile. 

The thing I love about training is slowly seeing yourself get better, stronger and faster. Even though I might come in last on this triathlon, it’ll be okay, as long as I know that I gave it my all, I have nothing to be ashamed of. 

So if it’s been holding you back to try something new just cause you might not excel in it, do it anyway! So what if people laugh at you? It’s probably the ones that haven’t challenged themselves lately. Don’t let those people keep you from being your best. 


A day on the Canada border

So today was to me the most excited part of the tour!! Even more exciting than D.C which is really hard to beat.

We left Watertown, New York today and went up to Morristown. A small village on the border of Canada. We got to the library and could actually see Canada from there


The people in Morristown were some of the nicest people I’ve met. It was such a small town and all the people seemed to know each other. Coming up here we’ve been excited to see how the Amish live and have seen many carriages here. We asked the locals if the Amish had a little community somewhere, but they just live in town. The amish people that live here, are the most conservative. For example, they’re not allowed to wear buttons on their clothes!! But instead wear safety pins. The amish will buy a house and disconnect the electricity and take out the plumbing, so on our way to our show in canton we were of course paying close attention to each house we passed by. After just 15 minutes we saw one!!


See the carriage on the right!!?? And on the porch there are overalls and underwear hanging out!! There were several houses like this on our drives today. We also saw some big farms. We were told that whenever the amish build a farm they call it a farm raising. The whole amish community will come out and build it in just a day!! The men will do all the work on the farm and the women will take care of the men and prepare a lot of food for them. It’s all team work. To us the carriages alone were already amazing!!


After our show in canton, another cute little New York village, a lady and her grandchildren took us to eat ice cream on the town square. A two scoop cookie dough ice cream!! Yum! I could eat one again right now.

In the morning, Darlene, one of the Morristown locals, had invited us to come swim at her place. We got the their house, and the kids were already waiting in the yard. They were excited to be spending the afternoon with us. Their home was beautiful! With an even better view


We went down to the water and went for a swim!! COLD!!! OMG the water was freezing. But we did it! We swam in St Lawrence River, which separates the USA and Canada.


Yes! That is Canada behind us! What a difference with going down to see the Mexican border… Mexico’s gotta get their stuff together 😉


If I ever have to sneak into the us, I now know I’ll choose Canada to swim from, even though the water is a little colder. And I found out the Amish don’t participate in social security.. So I could always become Amish? 😉

Anyways.. After we got out of the cold water, Darlene took us back up to her house where we got to use her hottub, overlooking the St Lawrence river we just swam in.

To top it off Darlene made us Margaritas!! And also a cheese and pretzel plate and garlic bread with cream cheese. It was like we were on vacation! The people here are so nice!!


On our way to Utica, NY Natalie suddenly slammed the breaks.. An eagles nest!!! We saw 2 eagles and an eagles nest!! Of course this needed to be documented.


Arrived at our hotel for the night in Utica, we’re pooped! Another day of adventures tomorrow!! I love getting to be a part of the Sockrockerz this summer 🙂